Saturday, December 24, 2016

Awesome Websites you should know

Awesome Websites you should know

Print any website URL

Generate Fake Details

What to use for stickying any types of material with any other material

Print GIF file to flipbook

Findout the history of any word

Compare Two types of Food

Any Product Manual search here

Flip Text in Reverse

Create Large Poster with small image

Online Clock

Create Comis

Any Video you can stream it

Caluculate Time Duration

Create Fake Email Address and send an email

Do any complecated maths from here

Find out font used in image

Check whether site is really down or just for you

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Opening positions @ Finisar

Posted Date: 04-Oct-2015

We are Looking for below positions

 Read roles and responsibility before you apply for it

1 - Position Requirement below


2 -  Position Requirement below

3 - Position Requirements below

4 - Position Requirements below

 5 - Position Requirements below


6 - Position Requirement below


7 - Position Requirements below

8 - Position requirements below 

9 - Position Requirements below

If your interested, position is relavent to you then send your updated resume to below mail address